Sherwood RX-4105 Stereo Receiver: Review

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Front view of the Sherwood RX-4105 Stereo Receiver

Front view of the Sherwood RX-4105 Stereo Receiver

Arriving in Florida with no audio system and only a limited amount of money, one of my first priorities was to put together a decent sound system on a limited budget.  The Sherwood RX-4105 Stereo Receiver appealed to me for three reasons: the affordable price, enough power (100 Watts) to fill my living area, plenty of inputs, and the A/B outputs.

Sherwood generally have a very good reputation as far as stereos go, so I was hoping that it would be superior to most of the other budget receivers around, and my guess turned out to be right.  This receiver/amp offers great value for money.

The sound quality overall is exceptional for an amp in this price range.  I am running it through a pair of 8 ohm Sony SS-B1000 bookshelf speakers and a Sony SA-W3000 Subwoofer and there is no discernible distortion, even with the 100 Watt stereo turned up to a third of its potential which is pretty loud.  You can have two pairs of speakers running through it, but I chose one pair and a subwoofer .  The switching A/B allows me to turn off the subwoofer or speakers with the remote if I wish.

Rear view of the Sherwood RX-4105 Stereo Receiver

Rear view of the Sherwood RX-4105 Stereo Receiver

As I mentioned, one of the things that appealed to me was the number of inputs.  I like the idea of having a centralized sound system for the TV, blu ray player, TV streaming box etc. all running through one system.  The inputs and remote control make the Sherwood RX-4105 both versatile, yet easy to operate in my experience.  (The amp has a built-in pre-amp section for the phono input, but I haven’t had the opportunity to try playing any vinyl through it, as yet.  The other four inputs are essentially interchangeable, of course.)

I must admit that I use the Sherwood for purely amplification purposes most of the time.  The tuner works well though.  The FM tuner is good, but the AM tuner is excellent, at least in my experience, although admittedly this may well be because of the location, which is relatively new to me.


Plenty of audio inputs.  There are 5 in total – I have my TV, the blu-ray player, internet streaming box, and sometimes my laptop or MP3 player going through it.

The A/B switching is very nice.  You can use it for two sets of speakers.  But I use it for a pair of 8 ohm Sony SS-B1000 bookshelf speakersand a Sony SA-W3000 Subwoofer.

The overall sound quality is excellent for an amp in this price range.  A bargain.


I’ve read some reviews that complain about this stereo receiver being relatively bulky and heavy.  Both of these are true.  Although I have to say that the bulk and weight don’t really trouble me, as now that it’s set up, I’m unlikely to move it around much.


All in all, I would have to sum up my review by saying that the Sherwood RX-4105 Stereo Receiveris great value for money.  There are many better 100 Watt amplifiers in terms of audio quality, of course, but you will struggle to find a better one in this low price range.  If you want a decent audio sound, but are on a limited budget, I would definitely recommend the RX-4105.

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