Krups 203 Electric Coffee Grinder: Review

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Krups 203 Electric Coffee Grinder: Review

Krups 203 Electric Coffee Grinder

Using freshly ground coffee beans is, of course, the best way to brew and drink coffee – you get far more flavor that way.  As my wife and I are serious coffee lovers, we decided that we needed a new grinder.  (My wife had not got around to replacing her previous grinder and I had to leave my old grinder behind in England when I moved to Florida, so we had fallen into the habit of buying ground coffee).  Our kitchen space is small, however, and money at the time was limited, so we were looking for a quality grinder that was both compact and affordable – the Krups 203 Electric Coffee Grinder seemed to check all the right boxes and the reviews that we read looked good.

Pretty much all the most affordable electric grinders are blade grinders – burr grinders do definitely have some advantages but they are almost always more expensive.  The Krups 203 more than meets our need however, with a grind that is both fast and even enough to keep us happy.  Like I mentioned earlier, it takes up hardly any counter or storage space, as it’s only 6 inches tall.  It is also sleek.

Colors and Versatility

We chose the black version of the Krups grinder, but there is also a white version available, which essentially means that they will go with pretty much any kitchen design and décor.  We use our Krups almost exclusively for grinding coffee but I have tried it with spices, nuts, and whole grains and got the same quick and even grind that I get with coffee beans.

Durability and Reliability

It is over eighteen months now since we bought the Krups 203 and I can vouch that even with pretty much constant daily use,  it is grinding as well as ever.  The stainless steel blades and motor seem built to last.

Krups 203 blades

Krups 203 blades


 A very affordable grinder that is great value for money when compared with rival products.

 Versatile.  You can grind coffee beans, whole grains, seeds or spices.

 Durable.  After eighteen months, our Krups grinder is working as well as ever.  The stainless steel blades are very good.


 Like all blade grinders, the Krups 203 is fairly loud.  Generally speaking, you have to spend more money and buy a burr grinder if you want something quiet.

 There are no extra controls for settings, or timers, so you have to judge how long you want to grind and how fine you want the coffee yourself (the finer you want it, the longer you grind).  This is not a problem for me or my wife, but I imagine some people might prefer to spend more money and get something more sophisticated.


 The Krups 203 Electric Coffee Grinder doesn’t have any fancy frills, but as a basic and very affordable blade grinder it is difficult to beat, in my opinion.  We’ve had ours for 18 months and we love it more than ever.

Thanks for reading my Krups 203 Electric Coffee Grinder review and happy coffee drinking!

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