Frieling Stainless Steel French Press: Review

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Frieling Stainless Steel French Press

Frieling Stainless Steel French Press


After the glass carafe of our last French press was accidentally broken by our teenage daughter, my wife and I thought long and hard about the type and brand of French press that we wanted as a replacement.

Glass carafe or stainless steel?

In terms of expense, the glass carafe French presses are the cheapest – but they don’t generally look as elegant as the stainless steel version and years of experience has shown me that the glass ones are surprisingly easy to break.  A stainless steel carafe, on the other hand, will last for many years and can even be taken traveling or camping without the fear of breakage.  The more expensive and better made French presses also have double walls, which have insulating qualities and keep the coffee (or tea) hotter for longer.

So, in the end, we decided that we would go for a stainless steel French press for the reasons outlined above.  Although there was a greater expense involved, we decided that the investment would be worth it in the long run – my wife and I are both enthusiastic coffee drinkers who drink it every day.  We also decided that we wanted one with insulating qualities, as we felt the ability for the French press to keep the coffee hot for longer would also come in useful.

Why a Frieling?

We opted for a Frieling French Press firstly on the strength of their reputation as a brand, and secondly on the reviews that we’d read about their French press online.  They come in different sizes, but we opted for the larger, 33-44 ounce model, as my and I drink a lot of coffee and because it is thermal, it makes sense to make a lot in a full French press and drink it gradually.

Receiving and using the Frieling French press

Delivery was very quick – it was dispatched on the same day as the order and took just three days to arrive via UPS.  Shipping was free.  It was in perfect condition when it arrived.

The first thing that strikes you when you take the Frieling stainless steel press out of its box in, in my experience, is how sleek and attractive it looks.  It also has a good weight to it – heavier than a glass French press, but with a comfortable and sturdy feeling.

After washing out the Frieling, as recommended in the instructions, we heated up some water, ground up some coffee beans in the Krups, and tried it out.  (If you are new to French presses, you should remember two things: firstly you need to use a coarser grind of beans that you would with a drip coffee machine, and secondly) you need to use hot but not boiling water with them).

The all-steel mesh plunger did its job well and a very fine cup of coffee was produced.  The double-wall insulation keeps the coffee hotter for longer than a glass French press.  It isn’t a thermos, though, just more effective than glass or a single layer of steel.

One final thing that I’d like to add to my Frieling stainless steel French press review: this brewer is great for pouring.  Some of the cheaper French presses have crude filters built into the lid, for instance, that it they are accidentally twisted out of position, block the flow of coffee, or send it spurting in the wrong direction.  Other cheap French presses are just badly designed.  You won’t have any of those sorts of problem with the Frieling, where great care has obviously been taken with every aspect of its build.

We have only had the Frieling for a few weeks, but I am very confident that it will last us for many years.


Sleek and elegant appearance, making it an attractive coffee server at dinner parties etc.

Pretty much unbreakable.

Can take it anywhere, including when we go traveling or camping.

The double-wall design makes it great at keeping the coffee hot for longer.

Very good at pouring – you certainly can’t say that about all French presses!

A quality product – beautiful in its build and design, managing to be functional as well as eye-pleasing.


Reasonably weighty – not enough to make it unwieldy, but certainly heavier than your typical glass carafe French press.

With a glass French press, you can easily see what’s going on inside – useful sometimes if you want to see if the grains are distributing evenly when brewing, or how much coffee to drink is inside it.


Despite my wife and I deliberating a lot beforehand about the extra expense of buying a Frieling French Press, I would have to say that it has turned out to be a very good buy.  In fact, in all honesty, I find it difficult to imagine a superior French press to this one – it is certainly best one that I have used.

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